Kranhäuser, Cologne
574km away from Munich

The key facts

Strong business models with proven profitability. Highly scalable and resilient.

Leading online platform for new cars in Germany

  • More than 20 million visitors per year
  • All relevant brands and models — in stock or freely configured
  • From cash purchase to vehicle and mobility subscription
  • Smart technologies, superior customer journeys  and deep automotive expertise to guide customers to the best available offer 

Simple, flexible and all costs included — enjoy the freedom

  • Prolific provider of car subscriptions in Germany
  • Exclusive offers for selected customer groups 
  • One monthly mobility payment that covers everything but fuel
  • Approximately 80% recurrency rate of existing subscriptions

En route to the best fleet solution

  • Leading bank and OEM-independent vehicle subscription provider to B2B customers in Germany
  • Serving a broad range of customers, with 50 to 5.000 vehicles in fleet
  • 97% follow-up contracts with existing customers
  • More than 80% of customers in single supply

  • Integrated platform for offline and online sales of used vehicles
  • Growing portion of online sales supported by physical backend
  • Variety of used car subscription solutions
  • Flagship stores in Düsseldorf and Munich with a broad vehicle selection

A profitable and growing business

Capitalizing on opportunity in the mobility market.

Pursuing a long-term strategy of delivering sustainable growth and strong profitability with high revenue visibility from recurrent income streams and existing business processes. Serving two mega-trends in long-term mobility:

  1. The shift in demand from ownership to usership via subscription models.
  2. The digitalization and creation of new sales channels.

Primed for the next phase of national and international expansion due to our niche market position and digital prowess. Optimally positioned to disrupt and achieve significant growth


Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau
109km away from Munich

Broad product offering and digitalized journeys

Fast digital delivery backed by the strength and stability of physical infrastructure.

Our digital approach is underpinned by an extensive inventory of new and used vehicles, which are made available to targeted market segments via our proprietary platforms.

Providing customers with easy access to automotive subscriptions via end-to-end online journeys. Transforming the traditional approach of vehicle retailing, from offline service channels to digital-first delivery.

Outstanding ROE and ROS. Proven method for success, evidenced by our satisfied customers, large recurring sales base and high lifetime value.

Black Forest, Germany
350km away from Munich

An established network of trusted partners

Delivering exceptional outcomes through collaborative partnerships, evolved over many decades.

Enriching our business offering via a diverse and unmatched ecosystem of OEMs, dealers and service providers. Creating an optimized purchasing system, with access to the best market deals.

Renowned for a heritage of innovation and collaboration.

Kochertalbrücke, Braunsbach
268km away from Munich